IURII TRUKHIN (Private Enterpreneur), Armenia
Decentralized post-cloud platforms & services development, write me:
Building best cloud in the world in a good company,

The author of an approach that will make clouds decentralized and independent of a single provider - Cloud Ring (TRUKHIN® Universe) - the next generation of cloud technologies that will connect all developers of all first class cloud services, all cloud service providers, all resellers, all private data centers, far edge, edge and developer computers into a peer-to-peer network and standardizes cloud technologies, providing verifiable security. This is the next step in the development of cloud technologies that will change the industry. Author of the idea, architecture, implementation of the hyperscale MTS Cloud platform. Technology geek. My hobby coincides with my work. I have been building clouds for over 12 years (for 2023), including my own cloud platform, billing and hundreds cloud services to make the world a better place. The total software engineering experience is 22 years (for 2023). The total management experience is 8 years (for 2023). I study for MBA now and design MTS Web Services. My weak point is spoken English (lack of daily practice), but I am working on improving this skill.

What if the service delivery platform is open, free to use and transparent in its work and allows you to develop and use first-order services as an application for the operating system, providing abstract lifecycle APIs, ensuring the security of collaboration and interaction will maximize the use of open standards for development will be able to work on an equal basis with other similar platforms with the explicit permission of the user will be extensible in support of any levels of equipment, services and alienated integrations it will be resistant to the center’s failure for any reason and will allow service developers, providers, distributors and resellers to earn more by combining experience


  • Cloud platforms & services engineering
  • Large software development teams management
  • Distributed systems
  • Decentralized systems


Russian - Armenian University
2022 - present
Master of Business Administration - MBA Executive Education
Tver State Technical University
2010 - 2013
postgraduate studies Automation of processes and productions, Computer Science
Studied at graduate school successfully for 4 years before he left for Infobox in St. Petersburg, where it was impossible to combine work and scientific activity (I had to work almost 24x7)
Tver State Technical University
2005 - 2010
Master's degree Computers, complexes, systems and networks, Computer Science
Building IT communities: Tver Alt.NET, Geek Community